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Version 0.2.19 — October 1, 2012

Version 0.2.18 — September 30, 2012

Version 0.2.17 — September 21, 2012

  • Add support for Gremlin queries! This is done via a new GraphDatabase::execute() method that's similar to the Cypher GraphDatabase::query() method; see the Gremlin tests for examples. Credit and thanks to @sprjr for the implementation! (Pull #47)

Version 0.2.16 — September 11, 2012

  • Fix a regression introduced in v0.2.15 that added two extra round-trips to every request! Sorry about that.

  • But a major extra performance boost on top: instructs Neo4j 1.7+ to stream its JSON responses back. This reduces the latency of each request as well as Neo4j's memory usage. (Issue #48)

    Note that this library still collects the full response before parsing and returning it to your code, but this also means it requires no code changes from your side.

Version 0.2.15 — September 10, 2012

  • Refactor internal code to centralize JSON transformation logic for Cypher queries. This adds support for returning paths now, too! (Issue #22)

  • Requests now send a User-Agent header that identifies this library and its version. This feature was requested by the Neo4j team so that they can track and analyze library usage. Cool!

  • You can now set a proxy URL for all requests. This is done by passing in an options hash of {url, proxy} to the GraphDatabase constructor, instead of just a string url. (Issue #34)

Version 0.2.14 — September 10, 2012

  • Support returning arrays of nodes/relationships in Cypher (via COLLECT). (Pull #33; thanks @flipside!)

  • Relationships can now be indexed too, via Relationship::index() and GraphDatabase::getIndexedRelationships(). (Pull #40; thanks @flipside!)

  • Node::save() now returns the same Node instance via its callback. (Issue #42)

Version 0.2.13 — June 17, 2012

  • Upgraded from Streamline 0.3 to the stable Streamline 0.4. This update lets us remove our 0.2.11 workaround (commit 4df4944) and simplify our package.json install script.

Version 0.2.12 — June 14, 2012

  • HTTP Basic Auth support was broken on Node 0.6 due to a node-request bug that's since been fixed; upgraded and indeed fixed. (Issue #27; thanks @flipside for the heads-up!)

  • Cypher queries can (and should) now be parameterized! This improves both perf and security, especially w/ mutable Cypher coming in Neo4j 1.8. (Pull #25; thanks @jonpacker!)

Version 0.2.11 — May 13, 2012

  • Tweaked the compile-on-install to be robust to the possibility that this library is installed alongside Streamline but not CoffeeScript. See commit 4df4944 for details, and issue isaacs/npm#2443 for an npm change request that would fix this problem the proper way.

Version 0.2.10 — May 8, 2012

  • Fixed a minor Node 0.6 bug when the database isn't available.
  • Changed our structure to compile the CoffeeScript-Streamline source into regular JS on your computer now as part of installation, instead of on mine as part of publishing. This way, bugfixes in the compilers can be picked up by you without this module needing to be republished.

Version 0.2.9 — April 30, 2012

  • Upgraded from Streamline 0.2 to 0.3. This allows us to take advantage of the new ._coffee file extension for a bit cleaner code.
  • Unfortunately, Streamline 0.3 requires Node 0.6, and the compiled code requires Streamline's runtime, so even though the runtime itself doesn't require Node 0.6, our package won't correctly install on Node 0.4 anymore. So we now require Node 0.6, but hopefully that's not a big deal. Let us know via the issue tracker if this affects you.

Version 0.2.8 — April 25, 2012

  • Optimized the construction of new object instances in our code. This shows >50x improvement when creating or fetching many nodes or relationships.

Version 0.2.7 — April 22, 2012

  • Reversed the order of GraphDatabase::query() from (callback, query) to (query, callback), to be consistent with our other methods (#20), but retained backwards-compatibility -- the old style still works (it just logs a warning to the console). Thanks @sprjr for the nudge!

Version 0.2.6 — April 22, 2012

  • Upgraded from CoffeeScript 1.1 to 1.3 and from Streamline 0.1 to 0.2.
  • More importantly, the published module on npm is now compiled JS! (#17) This means better startup performance (no just-in-time compilation) and more robustness (no CoffeeScript/Streamline version conflicts). This was achieved thanks to Streamline 0.2's new in-file directive, allowing us to remove the underscores from our filenames and thus require() calls. Thanks to @vjeux for bringing this to our attention.

Version 0.2.5 — March 1, 2012

  • Added support for HTTP Basic Auth by working around the fact that Neo4j doesn't maintain the username and password in the URLs it returns (#7). Many thanks to @anatoliychakkaev for finding this and suggesting the fix.

Version 0.2.4 — January 29, 2012

  • Updated library to support Neo4j 1.6. Still supports 1.5 and 1.4. No changes were actually needed, but uses the new official Cypher endpoint now instead of the deprecated plugin endpoint, if it's available.

Version 0.2.3 — January 25, 2012

  • Updated library to support Neo4j 1.5. Still supports 1.4.
  • Added a GraphDatabase::getVersion(_) method. Neo4j 1.5 onwards returns the version number, so this method returns 1.4 for older versions of Neo4j.

Version 0.2.2 – January 25, 2012

  • Updated streamline dependency to get sync stack traces!
  • Improve handling of error responses from Neo4j.

Version 0.2.1 – September 2, 2011

  • Updated request dependency. (@aseemk)
  • Added Cypher querying and tests. (@aseemk)
  • Better error handling. (@aseemk)

Version 0.2.0 – July 14, 2011

  • Massive overhaul of the entire library:
    • Rewrote complete library using Streamline.js (@aseemk)
    • Massively extended test suite (@aseemk)
    • Implemented Node.getRelationships method (@aseemk)
    • Implemented Node.getRelationshipNodes method (@aseemk)
    • Simplified error handling (@gasi)
    • Split monolithic file into separate files according to classes (@aseemk)
    • Implemented Node.path method and Path class (@gasi)
    • Added Node.createRelationshipFrom method (@gasi)
    • Fixed numerous bugs (@aseemk & @gasi)

Version 0.1.0 – April 20, 2011

  • Changed name from Neo4j REST client for Node.js to Neo4j driver for Node.
  • Rewrote complete library to feature an object-oriented structure.

Version 0.0.3 – March 26, 2011

  • Updated README.

Version 0.0.2 – March 26, 2011

  • Renamed top-level constructor to Client.
  • Added top-level serialize and deserialize functions.
  • Added autoMarshal argument to Client for storing hierarchical data on nodes and relationship. Internally uses new serialize and deserialize functions.
  • Changed position of Client's basePath argument (now last).
  • Updated test.

Version 0.0.1 – March 21, 2011

  • Initial release.
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