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dijkstra algorithm support #31

flipside opened this Issue Jun 29, 2012 · 4 comments

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I'm looking into using neo4j's built in dijkstra algorithm, it looked like there's already some support in node-neo4j for shortest path but dijkstra support would be great.

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aseemk commented Jul 2, 2012

Sorry for the delay @flipside, but great request! We support passing 'dijkstra' as an optional algorithm parameter to the Node::path() method:

But I didn't realize that full Dijkstra support requires passing an additional cost_property parameter.

I think the signature of the path() method should probably be changed to accept an options hash now instead of a bunch of parameters.

Thanks again — and pull request welcome!


realized i don't actually need this yet but if i do, will take a crack at it.


This issue has been open from 2 years now !! Thats not good , give me some clue about how to start with it , i could fix this .

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aseemk commented Oct 12, 2015

Sorry for the delay @Karthic-Hackintosh.

Good news: it's now possible to achieve this in node-neo4j v2, even though it's not implemented directly, because you can now make arbitrary & custom HTTP / REST API calls (issue #100).

So I'm going to go ahead mark this issue as fixed in v2. Let me know if you have any q's!

@aseemk aseemk added this to the v2 redesign milestone Oct 12, 2015
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