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The new neo4j streaming support provides some performance enhancements. However, clients of the node-neo4j API still have to wait for the entire result set to be collected, possibly converted to Node or Relationship objects, and then finally returned.

With neo4j streaming, a streaming JSON API such as Clarinet (, and an EventEmitter-based implementation, node-neo4j could return each result in a result set as it is received in something like a stream.on('result', obj) API.

This would obviously be a big win especially for large result sets.

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Great request. This would require some re-thinking at both the architectural and API levels. I've been thinking of starting a wiki page for v0.3 planning -- I'd like to rethink a lot of the API. Let's consider how this could fit in for that.


Any news on that? This is a pretty neat feature I'd love to see in node-neo4j which would also make it the most promising lib for node and neo4j.

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Good news — getting tackled in the currently ongoing v2 redesign!

Issue: #143 / PR: #145
WIP docs:

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v2 implementation! #145

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Update here: v2 won't have this 100% for now, but (a) it's now at least possible (you just have to wire things up manually, but I'll document how), and (b) an end-to-end impl. is still planned.

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