The official JavaScript library for the Thingdom API.
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Thingdom JavaScript Library

JavaScript library for v1.1 of the API.

What is Thingdom?

Thingdom enables you to create a mobile app experience using as little as four lines of code and without the need to develop your own iOS / Android apps or create your own scalable cloud infrastructure.

Read enough? Get Started Now!

What can you do from your own project using Thingdom?

  • Trigger push notifications
  • See a feed of messages / alerts
  • See real-time status information you can define
  • Customize a view for your Thing with the Thingdom Developer Portal (Once you've signed up for free), and allow your users to subscribe to your Thing(S) with our Thingdom iOS and / or Android apps.
  • You can use Thingdom in whatever ways you can imagine!

Ideas for Library Usage

  1. Receive push notifications (alerts) with every user form submission
  2. Track page views
  3. Track button clicks
  4. ... what other things would you like to receive alerts for and get status updates on for your website/web app?!


Currently you can include Thingdom in your code by adding thingomd.js or thingdom-min.js from the dist/ folder to your current project through standard script tag.

You can also install through bower with

bower install thingdom-js --save


You can try Thingdom using this simple demo on


STOP You must have a (free) Developer API Secret to be able to use all the features of Thingdom in your own project! STOP

If you don't have one yet, you can get one (free) from here:

It would be extremely helpful to look at the Thingdom REST API documentation here:

There is some minor configuration necessary on the Thingdom Developer Portal or via REST API to define certain keys you can use for your application.

The basic 4 lines code to use this wrapper are:

Authenticate and initialize Thingdom:

var thingdom = new Thingdom( 'EnterYourAPISecretHere' );

Get your Thing:

var thing; thingdom.getThing( "Example Thing", "javascript_example", function( newThing ) { thing = newThing } );

Send a feed message

( this also triggers push notifications in Thingdom ):

thing.feed( "New Feed Message Triggered From My Code", "js_web_feed" );

Here you could imagine posting a feed of comments to your site, or perhaps you and your team can be alerted with the name, email, and extension of the person requesting help on your company's internal Help Desk site. Share the code for your thing from within Thingdom, or perhaps require permission to view your Thing.

Update your Thing's status:

thing.status( "js_web_status", "online" );


thing.statuArray( arrayOfKeyValuePairs );

You can see your Thing's status in real-time. Here you you could pass some kind value to compare to your feed, or associated database, or your most recent user's high score.


Coming Soon: Additional Examples!

Coming Soon: Explanation for usage with bower install thingdom-js