The official Node.js module for the Thingdom API.
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Thingdom Node.js Module

Node.js module for v1.1 of the API.

What is Thingdom?

Thingdom allows you to mobile-enable your product in four lines of code with no need to develop the iOS and Android apps or create scalable cloud infrastructure. Get Started Now!


npm install thingdom

Getting Started

var Thingdom = require( 'thingdom' ).Thingdom;

// instantiate Thingdom object and authenticate
var thingdom = new Thingdom( 'YOUR_API_SECRET', function( result ) {
    if( result.isSuccess ) {
        // look-up Thing and get back object
        thingdom.getThing( 'YOUR_THING_NAME', function( thing, result ) {           
            if( result.isSuccess ) {
                // send a feed message
                thing.feed( 'FEED_CATEGORY', 'MESSAGE', function( result ) {
                    // do something based on result.isSuccess
                // send a status update
                thing.status( 'KEY', 'VALUE', function( result ) {
                    // do something based on result.isSuccess

Ideas for Module Usage

  1. Programmatically trigger push notifications, feed messages, and real-time status updates from your Node.js app.
  2. Remotely monitor any interaction with your Node.js application, Express server, etc.
  3. With our quick drop-in integration and simple API calls you can mobile-enable your Node.js application in a matter of hours, even customizing the mobile experience for your end-users.