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A stupid simple Dynamic DNS server using NSD (a Authoritative Only DNS Server) and NodeJs.


This script reads config.json from the CWD. All paths are relative to the CWD. The following keys are supported (at time of writing):

Config Var Description Default
api_anonymous_allowed Is basic auth required false (required)
api_username Username for basic auth ddns
api_password Password for basic auth password
port Port to listen on 8080
zone_output_path Path to your zone file (in NSD) /etc/nsd/
zone_template_path Input path of zone template
database_path Path JSON record database dnsDB.json
dns_pid_file Path to PID file for your DNS server /run/nsd/
param_blacklist These GET parameters will be ignored ["type","ip"]

Zone Template

The template file is just a Bind-style zone file with two magic strings:

  • __DYNAMIC_DNS_RECORDS__: Insert this where you want the generated zone records to go. Typically at the end of the file.
  • __SERIAL_NUMBER__: This is where ddns will update your serial number. It will be set to the current time in milliseconds.


ddns writes its temporary state as JSON to database_path. This is used to regenerate the zone file whenever anything changes.

How to run?

To install on Ubuntu 18.04 using the setup script sudo bash ./

Start node sudo -u nsd node server.js. You should probably run under supervisor. See conf/ddns.supervisor.conf for an example config.


GET / to see the online help:

This is a ddns provider. To add a subdomain, append URL parameters.

Example: /?domain=www2&ttl=600

Available parameters (some may have been disabled by the administrator):
    domain:    the subdomain to add a record for
    ip:        the ip address to add (uses your current IP if missing)
    password:  lock the subdomain with a password, which will be required to
               change the entries in the future
    ttl:       ttl of the record in seconds
    type:      record type, can be A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, etc

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