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The iOS app portion of MapTheThings, the global coverage map for The Things Network (TTN).

Using the App

  • Map view - Shows local map with latest sample data
    • Lighter green: You asked the node to send a packet.
    • Darker green: Node confirmed the app packet was sent successfully. (Whether it reached a gateway, only the server knows.)
    • Yellow: You sent a packet. (And you’re using an older version node that doesn’t ack packets, so we don’t know whether the node thinks it worked or not.)
    • Red: Packet was not sent - got an error from LoRa radio module.
    • Blue: Server reports successful transmissions received.
    • Gray: Server reports attempted transmissions here, but none received from TTN.
  • Devices view
    • List shows all Bluetooth devices discovered nearby. A green dot appears next to each currently connected device.
    • Choose a device to see the device details
    • Touch the Connect button to connect to the node
    • Touch the Get OTAA button to load provisioning keys.
    • Packets will be generated and sent automatically as new GPS locations arrive.
    • Touch Resend to resend the last packet.
    • Touch Send Test to send a packet for lat/lon 10.0/10.0
    • View debug messages in the text field at the bottom of the screen.
  • Messages view
    • Enter a phone number
    • Enter a message
    • Hit the Send button. Message will be transmitted via a connected node.

Developer Notes

  • We use Cocoapods. You'll need to install it and run pod install to bring in all the dependencies.
  • We are now using the latest version of Swift.
  • Fake a Device - Set FakeDevice=1 in Info.plist to fake a device when you don't have a hardware node. The app will act like it has a MapTheThings node to talk to. Set it to a bigger number to debug behavior when there are more nodes around.
  • Test Host - Use a test host server by setting TestHost="localhost:3000" in Info.plist.
  • Enable Fabric by defining FABRIC_API_KEY=xyz and FABRIC_BUILD_SECRET=abc in private.env.


  • Frank - Focused on working example of Active Collection. Bluetooth communication. Sync GPS samples with server.
  • Forrest - Putting burgeoning Swift skills to work.
  • @masterswift - Messaging UI.


Forrest would like to thank

  • Jordan @CocoaPods with MKCoordinateSpanMake and re-centering
  • Mike @Cocoapods with formatting floats


Source code for Map The Things is released under the MIT License, which can be found in the LICENSE file.


iOS client for collecting MapTheThings data







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