@ikulikov ikulikov released this Oct 16, 2017 · 2 commits to release-1.3 since this release

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Patch release with the following improvements:

  • Improvements to Tenant rules and plugins startup sequence;
  • Improvements to Tenant Actor initialization;
  • Alarm Processor improvement to trigger alarm on each incoming message;
  • Development DB installation scripts;
  • Java 9 compilation support;
  • UI: MS Edge/IE compatibility;
  • UI: Improved configuration of RPC control widgets;
  • UI: Widgets. Add new State Chart Widget;
  • UI: Widgets. Improve image map;
  • UI: Widgets. Add Providers for Leaflet Map;
  • UI: Improve user language management.

And bug fixes:

  • Fixed RPC call expiration time;
  • Fixed issues reported by Sonar;
  • UI: Fixed Main layouts;
  • UI: Fixed IE11 issues;
  • UI: Fixed time based page link queries;
  • UI: Fixed server time difference calculation.