Assets 5

Minor release with the following improvements:

  • Audit Log
  • Assigning Dashboard to Multiple Customers
  • Caching with Redis or Caffeine to cache entity relations, devices and credentials
  • Added API limits per host with white and black lists
  • Mail Plugin update to support multiple email addresses in To and Cc
  • Add Tencent Map to widget library.
  • Map Markers images load improvements.
  • Updated Rest Client
  • UI to remotely configure the IoT Gateways
  • SQS and SNS Plugins added
  • Added new Analogue Compass widget

And bug fixes:

  • "Widget custom CSS editor" improvements to support base64 data urls
  • Timeseries table improvements
  • Fixed ignored MQTT integration tests.
  • script fix
  • Fix StartTLS mail setting.
  • Removed redundant echo of incoming websocket command
  • Fix alarms table widget.
  • Gateway Session ACKs fix
  • Fixed minor animation issue in gauge-widgets
  • IE11 layout fixes.
  • Add translation fallback