Assets 5

Minor release with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Introduced support of a microservices architecture and deployment options.
    See microservices architecture page and deployment tips for more details;
  • Improved docker images to be able to launch ThingsBoard with a single command.
    See Linux or MacOS and Windows installation pages;
  • Added Entity Views feature to allow to
    limit the degree of exposure of the Device or Asset telemetry and attributes to the Customers;
  • Added ThingsBoard JavaScript Executor microservice to isolate execution of rule engine scripts from the main rule engine components and flow;
  • Added ThingsBoard Web UI microservice to isolate static content hosting from the REST and Websocket APIs;
  • Added ThingsBoard MQTT, HTTP and CoAP transport microservices to isolate communication with devices from the main ThingsBoard services;
  • Added support of Kafka to store device telemetry before it is processed with ThingsBoard Rule Engine;
  • Introduced Rate Limits for REST, Websocket and Device APIsl
  • Framework for black-box testing of ThingsBoard by automatically launching ThingsBoard cluster using docker-compose and running API tests;
  • Added input widgets bundle.

Additional features:

  • Alarm ack/clear event to the Rule Engine;
  • Added two additional parameters to post-processing function: timestamp of the previous value and original previous value;
  • Shutdown of all rule chains on tenant deletion;
  • Option for case-insensitive username;
  • Max string value length parameter for attributes/timeseries.
  • TTL for events in Cassandra DAO;
  • Redirect to a previous page after login;
  • Cast incoming attributes/telemetry numeric data type if possible;
  • Added Turkish locale;
  • Updated Italian locale;
  • Improved logging;
  • Introduced package-lock.json for msa packages with correct dependencies;
  • Introduced new Cassandra and PostgreSQL based AMIs.


  • Introduced WebSocket blocking send timeout parameter. Use Work Stealing Pool for dynamic threads management instead of custom ThreadPoolExecutor.
  • Added max size of queue per websocket
  • Performance improvement for websocket updates;
  • Improved websocket sending errors handling.

New Rule nodes:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed multiple issues related to concurrent restarts of the services in a cluster mode;
  • Fixed issue with header-actions in rpc-widgets;
  • Fixed issues with concurrent device creation using Gateway API;
  • Fixed Zookeeper reconnect error;
  • Fixed bugs related to entity views caching;
  • Fixed concurrency issues with websockets on high load;
  • Critical security fixes for some API calls related to device telemetry;
  • UI. Outsource CSS should be added before custom CSS
  • UI. Entities table widget (raised its height)
  • UI. Hide fixed table header in entity attributes table when in widget selection mode.
  • UI. Fix deprecated maps settings.