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Welcome to the ThingsFX project!


ThingsFX is distributed under the GPL version 3. Please refer to the
gpl-3.0.txt for the exact terms of the license.

As a special exception, is allowed to link the GPL code to your application
as a library if your application is distributed under one of the OSI
approved licenses.

A dual licensing scheme is available for use in commercial applications, if
you are interested or you have doubts about the licensing please contact us at

Build Instructions

To build and install the project just type:

$ mvn clean install

on the command line.

JavaFX must be in the path for maven to compiler succeed, but since there
is no public maven repository for JavaFX you need to manually install it,
for example:

$ mvn install:install-file \
  -Dfile=/path/to/javafx-sdk2.0.2-beta/rt/lib/jfxrt.jar \
  -DgroupId=com.oracle.javafx -DartifactId=javafx -Dversion=2.0 \

We hope you enjoy!