A collection of resources on automated CSS testing
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The source for csste.st - A collection of resources on automated CSS testing

This site aims to be a community-driven collection of knowledge around CSS testing.

How to get involved

If you're familiar with git and have some contributions to make directly to the project, jump straight into checking it out:

git clone https://github.com/thingsinjars/csstest.git

If you're not that into git but want to write something, you can either raise an issue or draft something in the wiki

Even if you haven't got anything to write about but you've got an improvement for the site - including its stylesheets :D - we welcome any contributions.

How to get the source

Start with cloning the project:

git clone https://github.com/thingsinjars/csstest.git

The source for the page content is in


and detailed build instructions are available in:


Site structure

The site is built using Wintersmith with SASS for the CSS, Jade for the templates and Markdown for the formatting.

In the project top level, you can find all the flattened files as well as the production assets (CSS, images). This is because this project is directly copied to the root of csste.st. The content is structured like so:

  • index.html
    • techniques/
      • index.html
      • other-techniques-files.html
    • tools/
      • index.html
      • tools-files.html
    • guides/
      • index.html
      • other-guides.html
    • getting-started/
      • index.html
      • other-starter-files.html

This structure is mirrored in the /source/contents/ directory where the original content is created as Markdown.

Because we're using Wintersmith for the build process, the Markdown files need an extra couple of lines at the top to describe them.

template: layout.jade
section: techniques

The original sass files are kept in /source/contents/styles/ while the templates are kept in /source/templates/.

How to set up the build system

Check the source README for more detailed instructions on setting up the build system:


It's perfectly acceptable to submit a pull request with just the Markdown files. The site will get build automatically when the fork is pulled in.

Submitting pull requests

This project can only get better the more people contribute so feel free to submit your changes or suggest improvements as issues.

If you have any suggestions for improvements on the build process or even this documentation, they're also welcome.