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A jQuery plugin to enable the scoped attribute on style blocks
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jQuery Scoped CSS plugin

This adds support for the scoped attribute to limit a block of style declarations to a specific area of the HTML. You can also use @import and media filters in scoped blocks.


Include this plugin file (minified, ideally) and call $.scoped() on load

Any style blocks with the scoped attribute are processed and limited to only affect their parent's children:

<p>This will be black.</p>
 <style scoped>
   p {color:red;}
 <p>This will be red.</p>


  • If you're using multiple nested declarations, Webkit might apply different inheritance specificity rules from the other engines. I don't know who's right.
  • Remember, IE < 9 support requires a helping hand if you're using HTML 5 elements
  • Currently, getElementStyles is hand-rolled and possibly wrong.


  • Style elements really shouldn't have classes added to them. This bit of the functionality should probably use some kind of data attribute.
  • The scoped blocks are emptied out for non-IE browsers because currently only IE supports the 'disabled' attribute. This plugin could probably enable that attribute as well at no extra cost.
  • Opera exhibits a short delay (~20ms) when resolving styles included via @import. There's a forced delay to counter this.
  • Opera seems to add an extra content:none on text nodes.
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