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IoT Data Explorer for ThingSpeak using MATLAB

A MATLAB app to visualize ThingSpeak data. Make time comparisons of your data, retime data, and export data.

App Screen Shot

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.




  1. Download the program and unzip it to a local directory.
  2. Locate the app installation file which is characterized by the suffix '.mlappinstall'.
  3. Double-click the installation file.
  4. A dialog is opened. Click Install.
  5. Once installed, the app is added to the MATLAB Toolstrip.

Using the app

  • Channel ID: Enter the channel ID for the channel if interest.
  • ReadAPIKey: Enter ReadAPIKey for private channels
  • StartDate: Start Date the selcted data. The time will start at 12:00 AM unless otherwise selected.
  • StartHour: Start Hour
  • Min: Start Minute to read the data.
  • AM/PM: Ante Meridian, Post Meridian
  • Duration: The width in time for the plot of the data, you can read up to 8000 points. Select the base with and choose a multiplier. For example if yopu wish to show 3 hoursa, select hours and a multiplier of 3.
  • Compare Length: The time difference between the selcted date and the older time period. Select the length and multiplier similar to the duration.
  • Retime: time basis for smoothing of data. Linear interpolation is used.
  • F1 through F8: Check box to include a particular field, if data is available.
  • Update: Updatethe present visualization using the settings.
  • Output to Workspace: Run the current querry and write the output data to the workspace for variable names you choose.
  • Quit: Stop the program and delete the UI figure.

Built With

MATLAB App Designer


  • Christopher Stapels - Initial work - MathWorks
  • Alain Kutcha - Code review - MathWorks



A MATLAB app to visualize ThingSpeak data. Make time comparisons of your data, retime data, and export data.








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