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Validation tool for W3C WoT Thing Descriptions. Your Thing Descriptions should be written according to the W3C standard found here.

Using the Playground

  • Online: It is hosted here
    • Simply paste a TD in the text field and click validate
  • Offline: by opening thingweb-playground/WebContent/index.html in a Web Browser.
    • Simply paste a TD in the text field and click validate
  • Script:
    • Go to Scripts folder and run npm install
    • Run node Scripts/playground.js "./WebContent/Examples/Bundang/Valid/MyLampThing.jsonld" to validate a Thing Description found at `./WebContent/Examples/Bundang/Valid/MyLampThing.jsonld'. You can replace this with a TD you want to validate.


  • Some example Thing Descriptions are provided in the Examples folder at directory WebContent/Examples. There are :
    • Valid: 4 lights are lit green, no warning message is displayed
    • Warning: 4 lights are lit green, at least one warning message is displayed, starting with ! in the console
    • Invalid: At least one of the 4 lights are lit red.

Batch Testing

For Linux:

  • Open a bash console in terminal
  • From the root directory of the playground, run ./
    • This tests all the TDs in WebContent/Examples/Lyon
      • A TD in Valid directory should be valid
      • A TD in Invalid directory should be invalid, giving an error in at least one check
      • A TD in Warning directory should give at least one warning in a check but should be valid at the same time
  • In order to test batch TDs, put them in the WebContent/Examples/Lyon/Valid directory.


  • test cases:
    • valid TDs
    • invalid TDs
    • warning TDs
    • Scripting:
      • invalid args, such as integers or non valid paths
      • manual