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Faunus is a distributed analytics engine for processing property graphs with Hadoop. A breadth-first version of the graph traversal language Gremlin operates on a vertex-centric property graph data structure. Faunus provides adaptors to the distributed graph database Titan, any Rexster fronted graph database, and to text and binary graphs stored in HDFS. The provided Gremlin operations and Hadoop graph tools can be extended using MapReduce and Blueprints.

Faunus was renamed Titan-Hadoop and merged into Titan as of version 0.5.0. Faunus is now part of and maintained in the same repository as Titan. It is contained in the Titan release downloads and pushed to Maven Central as the titan-hadoop module. The Faunus documentation in version 0.5.0 and later is part of the Titan manual available at http://s3.thinkaurelius.com/docs/titan/current/. The pages and downloads on this wiki only apply to Faunus versions 0.4 and earlier.

Please use Aurelius’s mailing list for all Faunus related questions. For TinkerPop related discussions, use the Gremlin-Users mailing list. For commercial Faunus support, please contact the graph experts at Aurelius and follow them on Twitter @aureliusgraphs.


Faunus Manual

The documentation in this wiki is respective of the current master branch, not the latest release.