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Titan is a distributed graph database optimized for storing and querying graphs represented over a cluster of machines. The cluster can elastically scale to support a growing dataset and user base. Titan has a pluggable storage architecture which allows it to build on proven database technology such as Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, or Oracle BerkeleyDB. Furthermore, the pluggable indexing architecture supports Elasticsearch, Solr and Lucene. Titan supports global graph analytics, reporting and ETL through integration with Apache Spark, Apache Giraph, and Apache Hadoop. Titan natively implements the Apache TinkerPop graph stack including the graph query language Gremlin.

Please use Titan’s mailing list for all Titan related questions. For TinkerPop and Gremlin related discussions, use the Gremlin-Users mailing list.

Version Numbers

  • Titan 0.1.z – 0.4.z is deprecated and will no longer be supported.
  • Titan 0.5.z is maintained but no longer extended. (stable)
  • Titan 1.0.z is under active development. (recommended)

Documentation (including Javadoc) for each Titan release is listed on the Downloads page. Please refer to the project homepage for more information.

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