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leo committed Oct 7, 2005
1 parent c13983e commit 2dd1b70d6cf9ace610d3b2e7b07899db5dbcda8e
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@@ -24,8 +24,7 @@ <h1>
<a href="">Marcus
<p><b>Version 2.0 <i> </i>/ Java 2 and 1.1.x</b>
<br>Available under <a href="../../license/COPYING">GNU
General Public License</a></td>
<br>Available under <a href="../../license/COPYING">GNU General Public License</a></td>

@@ -51,9 +51,7 @@ <h2>
<font color="#CC0000">Download</font></h2></center>
<font color="#000000">Please feel free to download the software and tell
us about your expericences and problems you may encounter. Make sure you
understand the <a href="../license/COPYING">license</a>. Parts of the software
(Telnet Protocol Handler, Terminal Emulation) are available under the <a href="../license/COPYING.LIB">GNU
Library Public License</a> which is not quite as restrictive as the <a href="../license/COPYING">GPL</a>.
understand the <a href="../license/COPYING">license</a>.
If you are still having problems with the license please do not hesitate
to <a href="">contact us</a>.</font>
<p><font color="#000000">For some plugins you may need extra packages.

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