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Welcome to the blank-application wiki!

What is BlankApplication?
The BLANK Application is a Content Oriented Framework which allows different users to upload various contents and to create workspace to share these data. A configuration page allows to a special user (called superadministrator …) to custom the application about the user roles, the different content types, the different filters and other common stuff (Logo, colors, fonts and translations management).
The development of other modules will allow to plug some other advanced functionality, like the publication of the content through a specific front end or a meetings manager, for example. ReadMore about BlankApplication Presentation

Installation section:
A simple and easy to follow how to for Ubuntu
How to install BlankApplication

You need docs?
Wont believe but our pdf documentation is big enough to make you awake for a whole night: Go to Doc section
Furthermore, all our code is covered by RDoc, so let’s learn Blank Application directly on !!!

You need personnal advises?
Just ping us on skype: vzmind, gdsn.13 or We will explain you how to make money with this crazy app.

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