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Ink is a minmal two-column theme for Jekyll



Setup on your local machine
  • Clone or download the repository
  • You should have ruby installed in your system
  • Install bundler which helps in specifying and installing dependencies of any Ruby project gem install bundler
  • Go to the root of the repo and run this - bundle install
  • Then - bundle exec jekyll serve
Make it your own
  • Fork the repository
  • Follow the configuration step
  • Host your site/blog with Ink


  • Change the following in _config.yml
   name:               "Ink"
   description:        "A minimalistic jekyll theme for humans"
   url:                ""
   author:             "thinker3197"
   email:              "jhondoe@abc.com"
   gravatar_hash:      "205e460b479e2e5b48aec07710c08d50"
   twitter:            "jhondoe"
   email:              "jhondoe@abc.com"
   github:             "jhondoe"
   pinterest:          "jhondoe"
   linkedin:           "jhondoe"
   facebook:           "jhondoe"
  • Set the number of posts that appear in each page by changing the paginate option in _config.yml file. Default value is 5.
  • Add more navigation menus in the nav section in _config.yml.
  • Add your custom url in url option. Example : http://thinker3197.github.io/blog. Consult the gh-pages branch to see the basic setup for a blog.
  • Add your custom background by adding a custom background link in the background option in _config.yml.


Open sourced under MIT LICENSE