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Commits on Dec 9, 2011
  1. Explicitly set useStorage param to 'true':'false' so that 'null' will…

    … not get defaulted to 'true' by the tabs.js. This should fix issue where setting useCookie=>'false' still resulted in tabs.js using the cookie storage.
  2. @eddieajau

    Merge pull request #617 from realityking/jrequest2

    eddieajau committed
    Don't load JRequest when it isn't used.
Commits on Dec 8, 2011
  1. @robschley

    Merge pull request #621 from WebMechanic/jerrconst

    robschley committed
    constant() generates E_WARNING if given constant isn't *defined*
  2. @WebMechanic

    revert some changes from 3e0bfb5 - constant() generates E_WARNING if …

    WebMechanic committed
    …given constant isn't *defined*
  3. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #619 from realityking/clean

    LouisLandry committed
    More autoloader + jimport() stuff
  4. @eddieajau
Commits on Dec 7, 2011
  1. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #589 from robschley/string

    LouisLandry committed
    Moved string.stringnormalize to string.normalize.
  2. Renamed JStringNormalize to JStringNormalise.

    Rob Schley committed
    Fixed some style issues in the string package and tests.
  3. Moved string.stringnormalize to string.normalize.

    Rob Schley committed
  4. @robschley

    Merge pull request #620 from elinw/patch-7

    robschley committed
    Add git as a valid url protocol.
  5. @LouisLandry
  6. @elinw

    Add git as a valid url protocol.

    elinw committed
  7. @eddieajau

    Merge pull request #577 from mbabker/mysqli

    eddieajau committed
    Refactor JDatabaseMySQLi + Unit Tests
  8. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #613 from mbabker/formToken

    LouisLandry committed
    Update JHtmlForm::token() test
  9. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #614 from mbabker/jtable

    LouisLandry committed
    JTable review and testing
  10. @robschley

    Merge pull request #618 from elkuku/sniff-fixes

    robschley committed
    Code style: Fix FileCommentsSniff
  11. @realityking
Commits on Dec 6, 2011
  1. @elkuku
  2. @robschley

    Merge pull request #603 from realityking/formfield

    robschley committed
    Replace JFormFieldEditors with a more general solution.
  3. @realityking
  4. @realityking
  5. @mbabker

    Update JHtmlForm::token() test

    mbabker committed
    Update the test to mock the session due to a unit test failure locally, and use getFormToken in the test as well.
  6. @jonnsl @realityking

    Add JFormFieldPlugins.

    jonnsl committed with realityking
  7. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #604 from realityking/deprecated

    LouisLandry committed
    Use less deprecated functions in the platform
  8. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #615 from ianmacl/docs

    chdemko committed
    Fixing docs to work with publican
  9. @ianmacl
  10. @mbabker

    Fix code style errors

    mbabker committed
  11. @mbabker

    Test getTable** methods

    mbabker committed
  12. @mbabker

    Correct bug in getTableKeys

    mbabker committed
  13. @mbabker

    Test getTableCreate method

    mbabker committed
  14. @mbabker

    Test dropTable method

    mbabker committed
  15. @mbabker

    Remove nullDate

    mbabker committed
  16. @mbabker
  17. @mbabker

    Add tests for JDatabaseMySQLi

    mbabker committed
  18. @mbabker
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