Guessmon is a full-stack pokémon guessing game.
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Guessmon - A Pokemon Guessing Game

Live App :

Server :

Server Repository :


A recreation of the hit TV Pokémon mini-game, "Who's That Pokémon?", Guessmon brings that joy and nostalgia to the internet! As you practice, the spaced-repetition learning algorithm will allow you to focus on those pokemon you have more trouble with- maximizing your efficiency!

In all users are able to:

  • Create a secure account
  • Save their progress when they logout
  • Train forever!
  • View pokemon silhouettes, guess names, and view results
  • View overall accuracy for each pokemon
  • Practice pokemon they are less familiar with, to maximize learning



Card to be guessed

Card -Correct!

Correct Answered

Card -Wrong!

Incorrect Answered

Tech Stack

Guessmon was created with the following languages, libraries and frameworks:

Database : Mongo - Hosted with Mlab

API : Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose, Passport.js + Json Web Token

Client : React.js, Redux, bootstrapped with Create-React-App, React-Form, Redux-Thunk, SVG to React CLI

Testing : Mocha & Chai.js, Jest & Enzyme

Deployment : Heroku

API Documentation


  • POST '/' -> Requires 'username', 'password' and 'email' - returns the new user
  • POST '/login' -> Requires 'username' and 'password' - returns an authentication token
  • POST '/refresh' -> Requires valid token - returns a new token with later expiration date


  • GET '/:userId' -> Requires Id of the user - returns the next question in their stack
  • POST '/:userId' -> Requires ID of user, original question and answer - returns a result object with true or false

Code Tour


Repository: Here!

To run locally, download this repository and run npm install, then npm start.

From a top level, there are three areas of note:

  • /public - This folder holds the index.html, favicon and manifest

  • package.json - This file enumerates all dependencies of the app and their versions

  • /src - The source folder is where most of the hard work happens, and requires further break down.

  • /src/__tests__ : All react and redux test files are stored here. These tests include tests for actions, reducers, connected and unconnected components.

  • /src/actions : All redux actions can be found in this folder, separated by function

    /src/actions/about handles opening and closing the about section

    /src/actions/auth handles logging in and refreshing tokens, as well as storing them in local storage

    /src/actions/buddy handles choosing a training buddy, open and closing buddy select

    /src/actions/questions handles fetching the next question, and posting the next answer

    /src/actions/users handles registration of new users

    /src/actions/utils helper functions to handle errors from the backend

  • /src/components/ : All react components and their styling are stored here, in flat style to aide imports.

  • /src/reducers/ : All redux reducers (including the combining root reducer) are in this folder. Their organization mirrors that of the actions folder.

  • /src/index.js : Set up all Routes used by the app.

  • /src/setupTests.js : Set up Jest testing with the correct adapter

  • /src/store.js : Combine all reducers and make state available in the redux store



To run locally, clone this repository, run npm install and then npm start.

The server is written in node.js and express and can similarly be broken into 4 main categories:

  • /passport/ : Includes configuration files to set up local and Json web token authentication
  • /questions/ : All routes and models for questions, including the following: GET /api/questions/:userId POST /api/questions/:userId
  • /test/ : All test files for the above routes + server.js.test using Mocha, Chai.js and Chai-http.
  • /users/ : All routes and models to handle users, including the following: POST /api/users POST /api/users/login POST /api/users/refresh
  • package.json : All dependencies and version numbers for the server
  • linkedlist.js : Declaration of linkedList class to be used in questions routers
  • server.js : Instantiates the express app, set up CORS and logging, mount routes and offer handlers for 404's and errors