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War of the Games on an old PC monitor

War of the Games

Build Status

Kittenwar for video games. Pits two randomly selected video games against each other in an effort to determine, once and for all, which game is the best. Users will receive new game recommendations based on their ranking history.


  • A new, randomly-generated battle with every refresh of the app.
  • Skip button for matchups where users are either unfamiliar with one of the games or don't have a preference for one game over the other.
  • Learn more about each game with individual info pages.
  • User accounts to save ranking history.
  • See all games in the database through the games list.
  • Game recommendations.

The Stack




Homepage A screenshot of the War of the Games homepage

Game info A screenshot of the game info page

Games list A screenshot of the games list page

Leaderboard A screenshot of the leaderboard page

Recommendations A screenshot of the recommendations page


War of the Games is the final capstone project for the *ASYNC team as part of Thinkful's Engineering Immersion program.