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Thinking Ahead Institute

Mobilising capital for a sustainable future

About the Thinking Ahead Institute

The Thinking Ahead Institute is a global not-for-profit investment research and innovation network, with 55+ institutional investment members which own or manage assets of over US$16 trillion. Our stated mission is to mobilise capital for a sustainable future and our efforts are focused around:

  • People | Our members and the savers and pensioners they support
  • Planet | Keep our planetary home a safe place where everyone can thrive
  • Change | Help our members prepare for change and become organisations the future needs.

We do this through collaboration with our members and, in 2022, we’re addressing these areas through the following research streams. (Read more here):

  • The Power of Teams | Teams are the primary unit of value creation in investment organisations, achieved through diversity, cognitive diversity and collective intelligence. By focusing on the important dynamics of teamwork and team thought, we can develop ‘Superteams’ able to deliver exceptional accomplishments and outcomes
  • Investing for tomorrow | Researching a sustainable tomorrow is a meaningful way to serve the needs of individual savers. This work is split into two sub-groups: the Environment group asks: “What does halving of emissions by 2030 mean?” and the Society group focuses on social inequality in the investment context
  • Investment organisation of tomorrow | Progress on sustainability is intrinsically intertwined with organisational development. Our organisations need to be fit for the future, so this research focuses on how best to implement the required transformational change; in particular, how to become a sustainable investment organisation.

Please continue to explore our top research on our website, or contact us to learn more about Institute membership.


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