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@@ -18,23 +18,23 @@ Click Start New to get started.
Choose the Client-Side project.
-![Client Side](./readme-images/client-side.png "Client Side")
+![Client Side]( "Client Side")
Choose your project name and select which API's you would like to include in your project. For this tutorial, I did not choose any APIs.
Now you should see a screen similar to:
-![New Blank Project](./readme-images/new-blank-project.png "New Blank Project")
+![New Blank Project]( "New Blank Project")
## Code! ##
Click the Development icon to jump to the folder where your code will be stored.
-![Development Icon](./readme-images/development.png "Development Icon")
+![Development Icon]( "Development Icon")
Note that if you jump up two directories, you will find a ton of sample code to enjoy. I used the [Klout]( source code as my starting point.
-![Demo Code](./readme-images/demo-code.png "Demo Code")
+![Demo Code]( "Demo Code")
Copying this code into your AppMobi directory should produce a working solution for you, which is demonstrated in the video below. Note that you will need to replace the SendGrid and Twilio credentials.

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