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This program was a hack we (Adria and I) created at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2012 in SF.

You can enter your zip code to discover what companies have been funded within a half mile radius. This data can be emailed and/or text messaged to you. This data is useful for job seekers and service providers.

For python library dependencies, see requirements.txt

You will need to create a configuration file (config.ini) in the same directory as the file. See below for a sample.

=== config.ini ===

//SendGrid API credentials

api_user = your_sendgrid_user_name

api_key = your_sendgrid_password

from_email = email_you_want_to_show_up_in_the_from_field

//Twilio API credentials

return_phone_number = twilio_return_phone_number

account_sid = twilio_account_sid

auth_token = twilio_auth_token

=== end ===