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@ockham ockham released this Jun 5, 2014 · 175 commits to master since this release

This version introduces the use of InfoBars for import and export messages (and in a few other cases) instead of those little dialog windows we had before. This should make for a cleaner user interface and save us all a few clicks when importing or exporting recipes.

Other bug fixes and added features include:

  • #743 - When adding a recipe to the shopping list that's already there, increase the amounts of ingredients accordingly.
  • #756 - Fix MyCookbook import
  • #241, #287 - Fix two nasty bugs related to entering ingredients under a British English locale (en_GB)
  • #264 - Add a couple of new keyboard shortcuts (thx @pounamu)
  • #759 - Add an AppData file to properly represent Gourmet in the Gnome and KDE native software centers (thx @pounamu)

Thanks to @pounamu's bug triaging work we're also now down to 168 open issues (from about 200 at the time of the 0.17.3 release).

--Bernhard (@ockham)

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@ockham ockham released this May 4, 2014 · 211 commits to master since this release

This release mostly fixes two bugs, and adds one new feature.

  • #746 - Fix XML export (Windows version)
  • Debian bug #744707 - Replace compressed jQuery v1.4.2 by uncompressed v1.11.0
  • #752 - Add My CookBook import/export plugin (thx @maadinfoservices)
  • plus, as always, some minor code fixes

--Bernhard (@ockham)

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@ockham ockham released this Mar 20, 2014 · 243 commits to master since this release

This release fixes one silly bug introduced in 0.17.1 that made invocation of fail, which among other things is needed to install Gourmet on Linux systems.

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham)

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@ockham ockham released this Mar 16, 2014 · 247 commits to master since this release

I'm trying to adopt the the Release early, release often policy, and such I'm releasing Gourmet Recipe Manager version 0.17.1 which has basically two bugs fixed from 0.17.0:

  • #741 Gourmet XML file import now works
  • Under Windows, there was a bug that prevented Adobde Reader from being run properly when trying to print if the user directory contained a space character.

As always, there's also been a bit of code cleanup, but essentially, I figured those two bugs were annoying enough to release a fix already.

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham)

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@ockham ockham released this Feb 26, 2014 · 259 commits to master since this release

In an effort to stick to my release cycle of six months, I'm happy to release version 0.17.0 of Gourmet Recipe Manager 🍪, which is also first to include a Windows version since 0.15.4. This release is meant to end the long intervals between Windows releases, as the code base and build chain required for producing them should now be stable enough to release Windows versions with every new release.
Please note that downloads are now exclusively at

Windows Version Notes

Note that while getting to this point did require some work, the Windows version isn't quite perfect yet; most notably, as the PDF display library we're using on Linux isn't available on Windows, we require Adobe Reader to be installed in order to be able to print recipes (which are exported as PDF beforehand). "Proper" printing from the Windows version is still one of the the top priorities for the upcoming releases; if you want to help out, take a look at issue #708. Moreover, the spell check and python shell plugins also still don't work on Windows, and have thus been removed from the Windows version.

Gourmet versions older than 0.16.0 (the ones with the recipe box icon) present on your system aren't automatically uninstalled by the new installer, but you should be able to safely remove them via the control panel after trying out the new version. (Same goes for the GTK+ runtime, if you had only installed it for an older version of Gourmet.)

Changes and Fixes since 0.16.1

  • #731, #76 -- use cx_Freeze for freezing the executable on Windows and building an installer instead of py2exe and NSIS.
  • #332 and #333 -- batch editor fixes.
  • #335 -- when de-activating Browse Recipes plugin, remove its tab.
  • #683 -- replace deprecated optparse with argparse.
  • Add donation buttons to the About dialog so you can give us 💰 if you feel like it 😏
  • Remove some legacy, duplicate, and/or obsolete code.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

Thanks to @sappjw, @jraber and @Lyra2108 for their contributions!

Note that because of the fix to #683, Gourmet now requires Python 2.7, while 2.6 won't work anymore.

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham)

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@ockham ockham released this Aug 28, 2013 · 366 commits to master since this release

After about six months since the 0.16.0 release, I'm happy to release version 0.16.1, available for download as a tarball from GitHub.

(Note that starting with this release, we'll use GitHub instead of Launchpad for our releases.)

While this release doesn't include any breathtaking new features or dramatic changes, it does fix some bugs that the previous release missed or even introduced.

Fixes include, most notably:

  • the interactive Python console plugin (which was broken)
  • pull requests #715 and #717 -- an importer for Swedish website, plus tests for that website and foodnetwork -- thanks @MrShark
  • issue #261 -- the import plugin is now fixed
  • issue #711 which prevented connecting to a MySQL database -- thanks @rleibman
  • pull request #723 which fixes broken export -- thanks @gyp
  • pull request #724 which completes Pillow compatibility -- thanks @sappjw
  • lots of minor bug fixes and plenty of code cleanup

Thanks to all contributors! I'm still putting quite some effort into code cleanup, hoping to attract even more contributors to help out with core issues. If you're interested in contributing, why not check out our 'Contribute' wiki page. By the way, while Gourmet didn't get accepted into this year's Google Summer of Code, we'll might apply again next year.

I am again only releasing a tarball for now, but hope to include a Debian package with Ubuntu 13.10 (for which the deadline is 2013-08-29!). As for the Windows release that I already promised in the release notes for 0.16.0, I haven't forgotten that promise. I'm currently working on resolving some remaining issues with printing and I'm confident I'll be able to release a full-fledged Windows version quite soon.

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham)

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Mar 18, 2013
Modify debian/changelog, debian/control for Ubuntu release.

@ockham ockham released this Sep 20, 2013 · 430 commits to master since this release

After almost two years since the last version, the Gourmet Recipe Manager team is happy to finally release version 0.16.0, available for download as a tarball for now.

Changes include, most notably:

  • the addition of a toolbar (which can be turned off in the preferences menu)
  • the ability to connect to a MySQL database
  • a fix for issue #678, which has troubled lots of users in the past when upgrading from earlier versions of Gourmet
  • complete removal of Glade (and remaining Gnome) library dependencies
  • a fancy new splash screen
  • lots of minor bug fixes and plenty of code cleanup

Note that I am only releasing a tarball for now, but hope to include a Debian package with Ubuntu 13.04 (for which the deadline is on 2013-03-07), see
Fortunately, I also believe I've found the issue that prevented us from producing a working Windows version for the last couple of releases, so I'm confident we'll release a Windows version of Gourmet soon -- stay tuned!

I hope that this release is up to your expectations; I've put some focus on code cleanup in order to make life easier for new contributors. Our team currently consists of only two developers (@thinkle and myself==@ockham), with contributions to this release by GitHub users @MrShark and @jraber (thanks!). Thus, new contributors are welcome anytime; as a starting point, you might want to check out our 'Contribute' wiki page

By the way, we're considering applying for this year's Google Summer of Code, which would be a premiere for Gourmet Recipe Manager and would give interested students a chance to be paid for contributing code to Gourmet. We've started tagging possible GSoC ideas with a label named 'gsoc-idea'

In case you hadn't noticed yet, we've recently migrated our git repository from SourceForge to GitHub, in another effort to make life easier for prospective new developers. We'll continue to use Launchpad for translations, and we're also using it now for releases, answers (so please update your bookmarks!) and our mailing list, which I'd like to invite everyone interested in Gourmet news to join, particulary our downstream contacts.

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham)

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@ockham ockham released this Sep 20, 2013 · 667 commits to master since this release


2011-03-20 Tom tom@localhost6.localdomain6

  • src/lib/ (version): Version --> 0.15.9
  • src/lib/ ( Make sure window shows up
    when something's added.
  • src/lib/backends/ (RecData.initialize_connection): Remove
    threadlocal strategy. This may be a mistake, but it seems to clear
    up the commit errors numerous people were experiencing.
  • src/lib/ (ShopGui.init): Make sure popup menu gets
    set-up for changing categories in shopping list.
  • src/lib/ (shop_for_recipe_cb): Fix shopping list, and improve error messages.
  • src/lib/ (StuffThatShouldBePlugins.shop_recs): fix shopping list.
  • src/lib/ Fix refactoring error.
  • src/lib/ (ShopGui.getOptionalIngDic): Fix refactoring
    error that broke "add-to-shopping list" behavior
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Dec 27, 2011
Tag 0.15.8
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