Moving to GitHub and Launchpad

ockham edited this page Dec 25, 2012 · 2 revisions

We're alive, and moving to Github and Launchpad!

As visitors to our website and project pages on probably have noticed, there hasn't been too much activity in the past couple of months (or should we say: two years) when it comes to answering questions on the forums, dealing with bug reports, or releasing new versions of Gourmet Recipe Manager. This is mostly due that we're severely understaffed -- both the project maintainer (Tom) and the other active developer (Bernhard) are quite busy with other things.

Gourmet is far from dead, though -- we try helping out on the forums and bug tracker as much as we can, and have committed a couple of fixes to the code during those past months. But we've never managed to attract new developers to help us maintain and grow the code. So in order to hopefully attract some more developers to our project, we've decided to move Gourmet's code from Sourceforge to Github, which should make contributing code notably easier. On the user side, we're going to employ Launchpad even more than we did before (mostly for translations). In more detail, this means that most of our other infrastructure is undergoing a change:

  • Download of future (and past) releases is possible from Launchpad's Download site.
  • We'll use Launchpad's Answers site for help and discussion in lieu of our previous two user forums.
  • Our (largely idle) developer mailing list is replaced by a new mailing list at Launchpad; there are also archives (currently still empty).
  • Instead of one bug tracker, one feature requests tracker, and one patches tracker, we'll be using Github's Issues tracker. I've imported all open reports from the respective Sourceforge trackers; note that due to limitations in the importer script, all are filed as if I (ockham) was their original poster, and in a different (mostly inverse) order.
  • Our previous wiki has been migrated to Github's wiki.
  • Our website now resides at -- please update your bookmarks! We hope to extend it a bit in the near future, e.g. by a blog featuring development news, etc. So be sure to check it from time to time to stay tuned for updates!

So what's up next? Most importantly, if you'd like to contribute to our code, we'll put together some information on how to contribute, and which issues we'd really could need some help with.