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Class: Flickrbadge {#Flickrbadge}

This plugin MooTools allows you to create an unobtrusive interactive Flickr badge for your website or blog.

Flickrbadge Method: constructor {#Flickrbadge: constructor}


var flickr = new Flickrbadge(options)


  1. options (Object) An object containing the Flickrbadge instance's options.


  • containerClass (String default to 'flickrbadge') this class allows us to recognize that DIVs are for badges.
  • openClass (String default to 'flickrbadgeopen') the class for open/close large image.
  • originClass (String default to 'flickrlink') added this class to origin src (ex:$(src).addClass(this.options.originClass); in init).
  • listClass (String default to 'flickritems') the class for list of images.
  • bigImageClass (String default to 'flickrimage') the class for preview image.
  • CSSURL (String default to 'flickrbadge.css') the whole badge can be styled by you, just change this CSS file.
  • prevHTML (Object defalt to '<img src="la.gif" alt="prev"/>') the image for prev control.
  • nextHTML (Object defalt to '<img src="ra.gif" alt="next"/>') the image for next control.
  • seeAllLabel (String default to 'see all photos') the text for the label bottom right.
  • navClass (String default to 'flickrnav') the class for the navigate controls.
  • currentClass (String default to 'current') the class for the current list photos.


(Object) This instance of Flickrbadge.