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Hands-on Workshop: Progressive Web Apps für echte Cross-Plattform-Lösungen

BASTA! Spring 2019, Freitag, 1. März 2019, 8:30–16:30 Uhr

Your trainers: Christian Liebel, Steffen Jahr, Thinktecture.


As we are expecting a high number of participants and we’ve seen a lot of unreliable conference WiFis, we kindly ask you to prepare the following setup steps at home or in the hotel.

Step 1: Devices and Software

Please bring your developer devices and install the following software. Already done? Click here for step 2.

NOTE: As web technologies move fast and quickly, there might be new releases in the meantime. To ensure everything works as intended, we strictly recommend you to stick to the versions noted below. Thanks!


  • Laptop with recent Windows/macOS/Linux version
  • Optional: Android smartphone/tablet with recent Android and Chrome version
  • Note: iOS Devices do not yet support all the technologies that make a real PWA

Browsers (Desktop)

Developer Tools

  • Git (obviously)
    • Optional: Git UI tool such as TortoiseGit, Tower, SourceTree, GitKraken, …
  • Node.js, version 10.15.1 LTS
  • ngrok for secure & easy TCP/HTTP/HTTPS tunneling during development (do not connect an account!)
  • Editor of your choice

Step 2: Demo Repository

On your favorite terminal, please run:

npm uninstall -g angular-cli @angular/cli
npm cache verify
npm install -g @angular/cli@7.3.1

Next, navigate to a folder of your choice and execute:

git clone
cd basta-spring-2019-pwa-workshop/api
npm install   # or yarn install (if installed)
cd ../client
npm install   # or yarn install (if installed)

If you prefer SSH, you can use this checkout URL:

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