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using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Google.Protobuf;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;
using Protos;
using Thinktecture.HyperledgerFabric.Chaincode.Chaincode;
using Thinktecture.HyperledgerFabric.Chaincode.Extensions;
using Thinktecture.HyperledgerFabric.Chaincode.Handler;
namespace Thinktecture.HyperledgerFabric.Sample.AssetHolding
public class AssetHolding : IChaincode
private readonly ChaincodeInvocationMap _invocationMap;
private readonly ILogger<AssetHolding> _logger;
public AssetHolding(ILogger<AssetHolding> logger)
_logger = logger;
_invocationMap = new ChaincodeInvocationMap
{"Transfer", InternalTransfer},
{"Query", InternalQuery}
public async Task<Response> Init(IChaincodeStub stub)
_logger.LogInformation("=================== Example Init ===================");
var functionAndParameters = stub.GetFunctionAndParameters();
var args = functionAndParameters.Parameters;
if (!args.TryGet<int>(1, out var aValue) ||
!args.TryGet<int>(3, out var bValue))
return Shim.Error("Expecting integer value for asset holding");
if (await stub.PutState(args.Get<string>(0), aValue) && await stub.PutState(args.Get<string>(2), bValue)) return Shim.Success();
return Shim.Error("Error during Chaincode init!");
public Task<Response> Invoke(IChaincodeStub stub)
_logger.LogInformation("=================== Example Invoke ===================");
return _invocationMap.Invoke(stub);
private async Task<ByteString> InternalQuery(IChaincodeStub stub, Parameters args)
var a = args[0];
var aValueBytes = await stub.GetState(a);
if (aValueBytes == null) throw new Exception($"Failed to get state of asset holder {a}");
_logger.LogInformation($"Query Response: name={a}, value={aValueBytes.ToStringUtf8()}");
return aValueBytes;
private async Task<ByteString> InternalTransfer(IChaincodeStub stub, Parameters args)
var a = args.Get<string>(0);
var b = args.Get<string>(1);
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(a) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(b))
throw new Exception("Asset holding must not be empty");
var aValue = await stub.TryGetState<int>(a);
if (!aValue.HasValue) throw new Exception("Failed to get state of asset holder A");
var bValue = await stub.TryGetState<int>(b);
if (!bValue.HasValue) throw new Exception("Failed to get state of asset holder B");
if (!args.TryGet<int>(2, out var amount))
throw new Exception("Expecting integer value for amount to be transferred");
aValue -= amount;
bValue += amount;
_logger.LogInformation($"aValue = {aValue}, bValue = {bValue}");
await stub.PutState(a, aValue);
await stub.PutState(b, bValue);
return ByteString.Empty;
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