Simple Ruby API for Crowd using SOAP(Savon)
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Simple Crowd (SOAP Client for Atlassian Crowd)

A basic Atlassian Crowd Client based on their SOAP API. All the standard API calls have been implemented to my knowledge as of Crowd 2.0

Some disclaimers:

  • This gem was created before Atlassian created a REST API for Crowd which is why we implemented it in SOAP.
  • This gem was created for Atlassian Crowd 2.0, but it should work with 2.2.
  • We renamed "principal" to "user" in all the API calls for our convenience as this gem was initially created for internal use only.
  • This gem is in use in production and has been fully tested, but we provide no guarantee or support if it does not work for you.

Service URL Options:


Some example calls:

  • client.authenticate_user("", "testpassword")
    • returns token if authenticated or nil if not
  • client.find_user_with_attributes_by_name("")
    • returns user with all custom attributes
    • NOTE: find_user_by_name does not return custom attributes
  • client.is_valid_user_token?("SOMELARGECROWDTOKEN")
    • returns true or false


  • Add support for arrays in custom attribute values
  • Add exception/error types instead of throwing Simple::CrowdError for all errors
  • Add support for group custom attributes (as of Crowd 2.1 or 2.2)
  • Add more automated tests for groups and validation factors