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Thinreports Documentation

This is the source for the generated by Jekyll on GitHub Pages.

Contributing to Thinreports Documentation

Report mistakes, post your suggestions

If you find mistakes or improvements of, please report it here.

Edit the documents on browser

  1. Click the Edit this page button of each page
  2. Edit content and propose your change. Please see this page for more instructions

Edit the documents by Pull Request


  • GitHub account
  • Ruby 2.0+
  • Bundler 1.6.0+
  • Git
  • Pygments (Windows excepted)

How to install Pygments

  1. Install Python
  2. Install Pygments using easy_install as follows:
$ sudo easy_install pygments

Run locally

Fork this repository, and clone your forked repository:

$ git clone

Create your feature or improvement branch:

$ git checkout -b new-feature

Install runtime dependencies:

$ bundle install

Launch Jekyll server with --watch option:

$ bundle exec jekyll server -w -b ''

If your platform is Windows, launch it with --config option as follows:

$ bundle exec jekyll server -w -b '' --config _config.yml,_extras/config.yml

Editing documents and confirmation

If you edit documents, it is automatically compiled by Jekyll. You should open http://localhost:4000 in your browser, and make sure your changes.

Commit and pull request

Push your changes to your forked repository:

$ git commit -am 'add some new feature'
$ git push origin new-feature

Then, create new Pull Request! Thanks!