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A simple python javascript bridge framework
Python JavaScript
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A KISS WSGI application built to make pure AJAX application easier.

Example server code:

from jsonapp import DefaultWebApplication, serve

application = DefaultWebApplication()
api = application.jsonapp.decorator()

def hello(name):
    return { "hello":name }

serve(application, "", 8080)

Example JavaScript client code:

// include the script '/_client.js' first.
var r = new JsonRemote("/api");"hello", ["JsonApp"], function(err, d) {
    if (err) {
    } else {

Example Python client code:

from jsonapp import Remote
r = Remote('http://localhost:8080/api')

The r object is tab-completable in IPython, which is quite handy.

The entire framework is designed to be easy to use, and no easier. To speed up development, it also comes with a static file server. Drop your static files into static directory and your app is up and running. index.html will be automatically mapped to the root path /.

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