An Open Source 3D Game Engine written in C++
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An Open Source 3D Game Engine written in C++ focusing on support for Vulkan


Any issues not related to the build system should go onto the page of the repo best suited for that issue. Graphics code goes onto the HatchitGraphics page for instance.

If you would like to submit a Pull Request it's probably best to clone this repo and follow the build instructions to get a working copy. Then fork the repo that you'd like to contribute code to and modify your .gitconfig file to point to your fork. Then you can edit, test and push all you'd like before submitting a pull request.

Build instructions

This is subject to change and may not be complete or entirely accurate!


All testing and development so far has been done on Ubuntu 16.04 XENIAL

Install the following dependencies:

  • GCC (minimum required version. 5.0) -- for C++11/14 support
  • CMake
  • GLFW3
    • sudo apt-get install libglfw3-dev
  • Bullet3
  • Assimp
  • TinyXML2
  • Python 3.5 (with pip and virtualenv)
  • Vulkan SDK (For Vulkan Support)
    • sudo apt-get install libvulkan-dev

Then follow these simple directions:

  • Clone down the repo with git clone --recursive
  • Make a build dir (e.g. mkdir build)
  • cd into build/ and run cmake ..
  • Now just run make to build Hatchit


This is a bit more of a pain. All dependencies are submodules in the Third Party directory and will need to be built before you build Hatchit.

All testing and development has been done on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015


We recommend using some sort of cmd replacement in Windows such as cmder or some sort of bash shell

  • Install CMake and make sure it is in your path
  • Make sure that you can run msbuild.exe from your shell. If it's not there try running the vcvarsall.bat file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat for Visual Studio 2015
  • Clone down the repo with git clone --recursive

To build with Vulkan support you MUST have installed:

  • Vulkan SDK
  • Vulkan supported drivers!

The build system requires that you have a working Python 3.5 installation.

Third Party

Next up is building all the dependencies. This should only have to be done once for your machine. After this you won't have to worry about vcvarsall.bat but you will need CMake.

  • Run the setup.bat file. This should configure AND BUILD all your dependencies

This is the easy part!

  • cd into build
  • Open the Hatchit.sln solution file or execute it with MSBuild.exe to build all targets