This is a Unix command line script that will install MySQL for Ruby 1.9 on either Ubuntu 8.10 or CentOS 5.2.
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MOTIVATION: The MySQL gem is a pain to install.  This script automatically installs it for Ubuntu and CentOS users
with root access and Ruby 1.9.1.  I think it may work for Mac OS X too, but I haven't tried it. 

APPLICABILITY: CentOS 5.2, Ubuntu 8.10, Ruby 1.9.1

REQUIREMENTS: Ruby 1.9.1. 

You need to have root access. 

This gem depends upon the kwatch-mysql-ruby-2.8.1 gem, so if that one changes then this one might not work. 

The source of the gems is inferred from the where your gem command lives.
If this script can't correctly infer where the source of the mysql adapter gem source is, then you can 
hard code it in in the script.  (Like if you have gems in your ~/.gem directory for example, I'm not sure if 
it will work.  Please let me know.  Feel free to fork to your heart's content.)


git clone git://
cd install_mysql_ruby_adapter*
sudo ./install_mysql_ruby_adapter


I hope this saves you time.  Enjoy.