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A Ruby script to update your DNS dynamically.
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This is a Ruby script to dynamically update your DNS entries in's
DNS manager so that you can host websites at home.

REQUIREMENTS: >= Ruby 1.9.2, linode gem.

0. Install the linode gem.

  gem install linode

1. Get your API key from your linode account and put it in the script.

2. Find your domain id for the domain that you want to manage. Enter it into

3. Find the dns entry ids for the rows that you want to change everytime
you reconnect to your host.  Enter it into set_dns.rb.

After configure the script with your api key and dns entry ids, you can invoke it at
the command like like this:


  ruby set_dns.rb

or better yet,

OPTION 2: make it executable by adding a shebang line for your Ruby.

  chmod +x set_dns.rb

then add this (or wherever your system-wide ruby binary is) as the first
line to set_dns.rb:


If you go for OPTION 2, you can copy it into /etc/dhcp3, so that it is
executed everytime you reboot your computer and get a new ip address.


MIT License.  Enjoy.

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