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lein repl

; "->" is a macro that just means "Take the output then 
;        dump it into the first argument of the next function."

(load "neo4j_sandbox/core")

(in-ns 'neo4j-sandbox.core)


(create-root-type :bad-guys)

(add-typed-node :bad-guy {:name "Agents Smith", :language "C++"})

(def smith (-> (select-where :bad-guys {:name "Agents Smith"}) first))

(update-node smith {:name "Agent Smith", :language "C"} )

; Add some more data.
(create-root-type :characters)
(add-typed-node :character {:real-name "Thomas Andersson" :name "Neo" :age 29})
(add-typed-node :character {:name "Trinity"})
(add-typed-node :character {:name "Morpheus" :occupation "Total badass" :rank "Captain"})
(add-typed-node :character {:last-name "Reagan" :name "Cypher"})
(add-typed-node :character {:name "The architect"})

(def neo       (select-one :character {:name "Neo"}))
(def morpheus (select-one :character {:name "Morpheus"}))
(def trinity (select-one :character {:name "Trinity"}))
(def cypher    (select-one :character {:name "Cypher"}))
(def architect (select-one :character {:name "The architect"}))

(classify cypher    :bad-guys)
(classify architect :bad-guys)

(defn knows [n1 n2]
  (rel n1 :knows n2))

(knows neo morpheus)
(knows neo trinity)
(knows trinity cypher)
(knows morpheus cypher)
(knows cypher smith)
(knows smith architect)

(walk :ok-rels [:customers :customer :bad-guys :bad-guy])
(walk :start-node neo :ok-rels [:knows] :depth 1)
(walk :start-node neo :ok-rels [:knows] :depth 2)
(walk :start-node neo :ok-rels [:knows] :depth 3)
(walk :start-node neo :ok-rels [:knows] :depth 4)