This script adds recent files to the right-click on the unity-dash's launchers (taskbar program icons)
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Finally, there is an automated recent-files quicklist script for Ubuntu, as Windows already has for quite some time. It adds recent files (you can choose how many days old they might be) to the right-click on the unity-dash's launchers (locked-to-launcher-apps in taskbar) and allows to pin important files there permanently, as well.

If you're on Ubuntu Gnome, i.e. 17.10 or higher there is no Unity-based Taskbar anymore to host this, but Maestroschan got you covered:

alt tag

Please mind that the Wiki only supports the latest release, masterbranch-changes are documented in

Installation & Autorun: see (in short: download/clone anywhere, make and executable, run

Huge thanks to (german post), which provided the framework to expand the functionality from being limited to libreoffice to serve all applications. Also, stackexchange (in particular stackoverflow) helped a lot.