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@Traumflug Traumflug released this Aug 19, 2019

  • Try to deal with broken PS modules more gracefully, not aborting the migration.
  • Removed obsolete user interface elements. This simplified the migration page quite a bit.
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@Traumflug Traumflug released this Feb 8, 2019

  • Fixed one general bug which could cause downloads without timeout, leading to unhandled script abortion.
  • Fixed two bugs prohibiting migrations from PrestaShop (and probably similar versions).
  • Make it pass as far as expected.
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@Traumflug Traumflug released this Dec 16, 2018

  • Extended directory tests for more reliability.
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.2.
  • Known incompatible modules get now moved aside automatically, into a folder This should solve a number of cases where these modules had to get removed by FTP to allow loading the list of modules in back office.
  • No longer needed modules like 1-Click Updater or PS Cleaner get now removed as well. Equivalent replacements (tbupdater, tbcleaner) exist, of course.
  • Run not the PrestaShop, but the thirty bees testsuite before allowing migration. This is where the shop should run after migration, after all. And give meaningful error messages in case of misalignments, of course.
  • Synchronized PHP sources with thirty bees 1.0.7. This should bring thirty bees v1.0.7's reliability to the migration module.
  • URL schema settings now get preserved during migration. If they were never edited before, they previously got lost. For looking up what's going on, see thirtybees/thirtybees#604.
  • Employees get switched to the thirty bees back office theme, to make merchants aware of the new safe waters visually as well.
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@Traumflug Traumflug released this Oct 3, 2018

  • Fixed display in medium sized windows.
  • Reliability and usability enhancements in the area of downloading the migration packages.
  • Should work now on PHP 7.2 (with debugging disabled).
  • Clean up after being done (saves some 98 MiB of disk space).
  • Make double-migrations impossible by hiding most panels on thirty bees. Before one could actually start over after the migration happened already. This should also give better visual feedback about the success.
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@getdatakick getdatakick released this Sep 10, 2018


Do not install community theme if it's already installed
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@firstred firstred released this Apr 26, 2017

Initial version

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