The Android app and embedded code work together to control the patterns displayed on a LED shirt.
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This project containes an Android app, written in Java, and embedded C code meant for an AVR microcontroller. Together with the hardware described at: the user should be able to create a string of LEDs with dynamic RGB light patterns controlled by an Android phone over a Bluetooth connection.

  • Source Code Structure *

The root directory contains two folders

/AndroidApp/ :: Contains the Eclipse project and source for the Android app. The origional project code mainly resides in the java package com.AmishRobot.LedController

/Embedded/ :: Contains the source code for the AVR microcontroller used with the Bluetooth module to control the string of LEDs. The code was ment to be compiled with Image Craft ICC AVR compiler and programmed with an in system programer (ISP).


This project was created by Michael Kane who maintains the copyright for origional source code and has licensed it as discribed throughout the project. If you wish to redistribute or profit from this project I kindly request that you inform me via email at

The software in this project, licensed under GPLv3 uses code copyrighted by Google and Yuku Sugianto both licensed under the GPLv3 compatible ApacheV2 license. For details see the gpl.txt and the header of each source file.

The hardware documentation for this project is documented at: and is licensed under the Createive Commons CC BY-NC-SA license.

  • ENJOY! *