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A Chrome extension which simplifies the Discord interface and adds useful features.

Why? · Installation · Features · Comparison · Suggestions & Contributions


Discord is great, but has some bugs and annoyances; their team is tiny for what they've accomplished, so instead of complaining let's create a Chrome plugin which fills in the gaps until they can fix the issues for real!

No guarantees that the fixes will always work - when Discord make updates, this extension may break. If you find any bugs, please open an issue.


Harmony is currently only available as a Chrome extension.

Install the Chrome extension via the webstore!


All major features are customisable via the extension's settings page. To edit these settings:

  • Navigate to chrome://extensions
  • Find the Harmony extension and click the associated Details button
  • Scroll down the page and click the Extension Options button towards the bottom of the list
  • Edit the settings in the modal
  • Click the save button

Hide Gift Icon

The gift icon next to the text input takes up valuable screen space (especially on smaller screens), and isn't particularly useful. By default, Harmony hides this icon.

Font Size

You can customise the font size used for channel content in the Harmony extension settings.

Make Server Icons Smaller

On smaller screens, the server icons take up too much space. This option scales these icons to 75% of their original size.

Add Toolbar Toggle

The toolbar in the channel title section also doesn't work well on smaller screen sizes, so this option hides this section behind a toggle button on smaller screens.

Auto-hide Channels

On smaller screens, the web interface becomes unusable. Harmony hides the channels interface, making it togglable via a new link at the top of the list of servers.

Auto-hide Members

The members section also takes up a lot of space and breaks the layout on smaller screens. Harmony automatically hides the members panel on small screens, both on initial load and when you resize your screen!


Comparison of before and after installing Harmony on a small screen (iPad size):

Suggestions and Contributions

Suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!

If you have an idea for a feature, open up an issue. If you're interested in contributing, take a look at the contributing guidelines.




A Chrome extension which simplifies the Discord interface and adds useful features.



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