Python script to email people when they join your Terraria server.
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Python script to email people when they join your Terraria server. Good for a private server with not a lot of users. I use it for my friends and I on the server we use privately. We're busy people so sometimes it's good to take a break and hop in the server when someone else happens to hop in.


  • Will only send an email every 30 minutes (prevents emails spamming out as people join/leave/join/leave/join
  • Configured for TLS security on SMTP because my host required it
  • Random string appended to email subject to prevent threading on gmail - makes it confusing what happened.
  • Very, very, flexible - you can have this do anything in response to a console logged event on a terraria server. i.e. you could trigger an event every time the server saves, or something. Maybe have it update a web page with what is going on on the server or something.

You'll need to tee the output of your terraria server executable to a text file. I'm using wtee.exe from:

How To Setup (Windows)

  • Get Python 2.7 (wherever)
  • get wtee.exe (
  • get (this repo)
  • put in your smtp for and your email addresses (to and from)

example .bat script to launch terrariaserver.exe:

cmd.exe /K "cd C:\tshock\ & TerrariaServer.exe -maxplayers 4 -world "C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\myworld.wld" --stats-optout" | c:\wtee.exe C:\tshock\logs\tlivelog.txt

example shortcut to

C:\Python27\python.exe c:\tshock\