Simple, secure & focussed text editing on Chrome … ideal for distraction-free writing, tests & exams
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Shiny! Shiny!

##Overview Shiny! Shiny! is a very simple text authoring app for Chrome. It is designed around the 'Ace' editor. It is ideal for use in educational environments (e.g. Exams) where a full screen text editor is required, without the distraction of a web-browser (when used in 'kiosk' mode).

It has a number of simple features (saving, opening, printing) that are detailed in the INSTRUCTIONS file (available from the App by pressing 'CTRL-?').

International and 'special' characters are supported by their 'Unicode' codes. Full details and the codes can be found in the CHARACTERS file (available from the App by pressing 'CTRL-SHIFT-?').

##Usage You can download the code yourself for modification/testing/usage/debugging or grab it from the Google Web Store.

##Naming Ironically named for it's minimalistic approach. Sometimes simple solutions are best.

##Licensing It is licensed under version 2.0 of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE License and contains code (thanks!) from the following projects (any alterations or modifications are marked in the code):

File From Copyright License
jquery-3.3.1.min.js Website Copyright 2005, 2016 jQuery Foundation, Inc. MIT License
showdown.min.js Website Copyright 2007, John Fraser BSD 3-Clause License
ace/* Website Copyright 2010, B.V. Revised BSD License Website Copyright 2014 John Gabriele GNU GPL v3

All else, Copyright JD, 2014-2016.