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Displaying these Instructions

  • Press 'CTRL ?' to bring up these instructions from within the editor
  • Press 'CTRL ?' or 'ESC' to close instructions


  • Press 'CTRL S' to save your work to a USB key or similar ('CTRL SHIFT O' to open)
  • Once you have saved it once (in a session), press 'CTRL SHIFT S' to overwrite the saved version with the current version (it won't warn you!)
  • To add a templated header to your exam script, press CTRL T at the start of the page.
  • To INCREASE the screen font size, press 'CTRL +'
  • To REDUCE the screen font size, press 'CTRL -'
  • To restore the DEFAULT screen font size, press 'CTRL 0'
  • To INCREASE the line height/spacing, press 'CTRL 9'
  • To REDUCE the line height/spacing, press 'CTRL 8'
  • To restore the DEFAULT line height/spacing, press 'CTRL 7'
  • To print your work, press 'CTRL P' (this will print with double line spacing, CTRL SHIFT P will print normally, CTRL ALT P will strictly parse Markdown)
  • If you prefer light text on a dark background, press 'CTRL D', if you prefer dark text on a light background (default), press 'CTRL L'
  • To copy text, highlight the text and press 'CTRL C'
  • To paste text, press 'CTRL V'
  • To undo your last action, press 'CTRL Z' (there are multiple levels of undo, press 'CTRL SHIFT Z' to redo)
  • To toggle between INSERT (where text you type is inserted at the cursor point) and OVERWRITE (where new text overwrites existing text at the cursor point) modes, press 'CTRL I'
  • If you are typing but nothing appears on screen, make sure the cursor is flashing. If it isn't, click somewhere on the screen and it'll become active again

Styling Instructions

  • Styled text is implemented via Markdown
  • To title your work, put your title at the start of your work, between '@' symbols (e.g. @My Answers@).
  • To put a header in your work, put a '#' before the heading line (e.g. #Section 1)
  • To put a sub-header in your work, put a '##' before the sub-heading line (e.g. ##Sub-Section 2)
  • To use italics, surround the text with '*' or '_' (e.g. Text in Italics)
  • To use bold, surround the text with '**' or '__' (e.g. Text in Bold)
  • To make a list, start each line of the list with a '-'
  • CTRL-G toggles line numbers on/off

International & Special Characters

  • For a list of all international and special characters (together with their codes) press 'CTRL SHIFT ?'
  • Press 'CTRL SHIFT ?', 'CTRL ?' or 'ESC' to close the special characters