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  • Press 'CTRL ?' to bring up these instructions from within the editor

  • Press 'CTRL ?' or 'ESC' to close instructions

  • 'CTRL ESC' will take you to the start of your document, 'CTRL SHIFT ESC' to the end

  • 'CTRL SPACE' will cycle through available keyboard layouts (like regular Chrome OS)

  • Pressing 'ESC' (while editing) will bring up options, which will also give you access to most of the settings and commands below
  • In the options window, you can set the text/line size (double click to return to the default), as well as setting the print options (such as line spacing and extra margin gutters)


Saving & Printing
  • Press 'CTRL S' to save your work to a USB key or similar ('CTRL SHIFT O' to open)
  • Once you have saved it once (in a session), press 'CTRL SHIFT S' to overwrite the saved version with the current version (it won't warn you!)

  • To print your work, press 'CTRL P' (this will print with expanded line spacing, 'CTRL SHIFT P' will print normally, 'CTRL ALT P' will strictly parse Markdown)
  • To copy text, highlight the text and press 'CTRL C'
  • To paste text, press 'CTRL V'
  • To undo your last action, press 'CTRL Z' (there are multiple levels of undo, press 'CTRL SHIFT Z' to redo)

  • To add a templated header to your exam script, press 'CTRL T' (this will be added at the top of your document)
  • To insert the word count at the end of your document, press 'CTRL SHIFT C'

  • To toggle between INSERT (where the text you type is inserted at the cursor point) and OVERWRITE (where new text overwrites existing text at the cursor point) modes, press 'CTRL I'
  • If you are typing, but nothing appears on the screen, make sure the cursor is flashing. If it isn't, click somewhere on the screen and it'll become active again

If you find it easier to have larger text or a bigger gap between the lines, then these are the commands you can use:

  • To INCREASE the screen font size, press 'CTRL +'
  • To REDUCE the screen font size, press 'CTRL -'
  • To restore the DEFAULT screen font size, press 'CTRL 0'

  • To INCREASE the line height/spacing, press 'CTRL 9'
  • To REDUCE the line height/spacing, press 'CTRL 8'
  • To restore the DEFAULT line height/spacing, press 'CTRL 7'

  • To toggle line numbers on or off on your screen, press 'CTRL-G'
  • If you prefer light text on a dark background, press 'CTRL D', if you prefer dark text on a light background (default), press 'CTRL L'


  • Styled text is implemented via Markdown
  • To title your work, put your title at the start of your work, between '@' symbols (e.g. @My Answers@).
  • To put a header in your work, put a '#' before the heading line (e.g. # Section 1)
  • To put a sub-header in your work, put a '##' before the sub-heading line (e.g. ## Sub-Section 2)
  • To use italics, surround the text with '*' or '_' (e.g. Text in Italics)
  • To use bold, surround the text with '**' or '__' (e.g. Text in Bold)
  • To make a list, start each line of the list with a '-'

International & Special Characters

  • For a list of all international and special characters (together with their codes) press 'CTRL SHIFT ?'
  • Press 'CTRL SHIFT ?', 'CTRL ?' or 'ESC' to close the special characters
  • Pressing 'CTRL Q' while editing will insert a commonly used selection of these characters, to make it easy to copy and paste them into your document