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Latex package for auto-moving proofs to the appendix of a document.
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The moveproofs Package

A LaTeX package for auto-moving proofs to the appendix of a document.


Simply download moveproofs.sty from the latest release in this repository and make sure it is available to your LaTeX compiler (i.e., by placing it in the same folder as your document or by installing it with other system LaTeX packages).

Package Overview

The moveproofs package will let you write your proofs inline with your document, then automatically move them to the appendix. To use the package:

  1. Write down and label theorems:

         The world is flat.
  2. Prove your theorems using the \makeproof command:

         My worldview does not permit a round Earth.
         Therefore, the world is flat.
  3. Include the moveproofs package (\usepackage{moveproofs}) and alter its options to choose how proofs are displayed:

    • location = [inline | appendix]. Controls whether proofs are displayed inline (where you wrote the \makeproof command) or in the appendix of the document. This option is required.
    • appendixsectionname = NAME. Customizes the name of the appendix section in which proofs are displayed (Proofs by default).
    • prependtoappendix = [true | false]. Controls whether proofs are inserted before existing appendix sections or after them (false by default: proofs are inserted at the end of the appendix).
    • manual = [true | false]. If this option is set to true and location = appendix, proofs will not automatically be inserted in the appendix. Rather, you can control where proofs are inserted with two commands:
      • \appendixproofsection{Section Name}: creates a section in the appendix that appears only if location = appendix.
      • \appendixproof{theorem_label}: Inserts the proof you wrote inside \makeproof{theorem_label} (again, only if location = appendix).
  4. Use the \appendixproofnotice[MESSAGE] command to notify readers that proofs will appear in the appendix. Default text (or the replacement text given in the optional MESSAGE argument) will appear only if location = appendix.

  5. If you don't want to autowrap each call to \makeproof in a proof environment (for example, because you want to state a helper lemma before proving the theorem), use \makeproof* and \appendixproof* instead of \makeproof and \appendixproof. Remember, this means you are responsible for inserting \begin{proof} and \end{proof} commands.

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