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"NBA-MyTeam" Scriptable iOS widget πŸ€

I created a widget for iOS and the to always see on the homescreen of my iPhone when the next games are up for my favorite NBA team.

Table of Content

  1. Features πŸ’‘
  2. Getting started with the widget πŸš€
  3. Register for updates πŸ“₯
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ❓
  5. Support the project πŸ’ͺ / Buy me a coffee β˜•
  6. Bugs 🐞
  7. References πŸ†
  8. Disclaimer

Features πŸ’‘

Widget supports light- and dark-mode

Currently small (2x2) and medium (4x2) sized widgets are supported. Some features are not available in the small widget. I have written in the brackets after the features in which variant it is available.

  • Shows date and time of next game (local timezone) (Small + Medium)
  • Shows city where the next game takes place (Small + Medium)
  • Show live score of next game. "Live" depends on how often the widget on the homescreen updates itself. It is not possible to say exactly, when it updates. (Medium)
  • Shows stats of both teams (wins, losses) (Small + Medium)
  • Shows standings of both teams (Small + Medium)
  • Shows top scorer of your team and the opponent (Small + Medium)
  • Shows next 4 games with date (Medium)
  • Caches logos to save data volume (Small + Medium)
  • Supports light- and dark-mode (Small + Medium)
  • Supports no-background.js (Medium)

Note: I don't know how the api displays the games when it comes to playoffs. I'll have to check again when the season is at this point.

You want to have more information on the releases? Check the changelog.

Getting started with the widget πŸš€

There are 2 options to install this widget. For both options, make sure to download Scriptable from the AppStore before starting with the installation of the widget. Click here to get to AppStore.

1. Install with ScriptDude

Download with ScriptDude

2. Manual Installation

  1. Click the "+"-Icon in the Scriptable-app.
  2. Copy all the text from the NBA-MyTeam-Widget.js-file. Click here to get to the file.
  3. Step through the user settings in the script.
  4. Add a Scriptable-widget to your homescreen.
    • Add it with size "medium".
    • Make sure to choose "Run script" for "When Interacting".

Having troubles with installing? Check the detailed installation guide here.

Register for updates πŸ“₯

Don't want to miss a update for this widget? Just head over to this GoogleForm, type your email address and I'll send you an email when a new update is released.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ❓

All Frequently Asked Question are collected here.

Support the project πŸ’ͺ / Buy me a coffee β˜•

As some users asked how to donate to the project I created this section:

Of course I won't take anything for the widget, but if you really want to donate, feel free to buy me a coffee via paypal.

Donate via Paypal

Bugs 🐞

Found a bug? Feel free to create a issue.

References πŸ†

I used the publicly accessible NBA api which is documented by kashav. The logos are taken from


This is a project developed by myself. It is not an official widget of the NBA. I have no relationship with the NBA.