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jmod -- modules for javascript
James Long 6/10/2009
@version 1.0.4

This library provides a pretty syntax for
encapsulating javascript code and manages dependencies
between libraries.

It essentially makes it easier to write:

(function($j) {
  ... = ...

The above is not very readable.  It's also bulky to
export symbols.  This library makes it easier to define
the above module.  Here's how it would look:

       function($j) {
           this.fizzle = ...

The first argument is the name of the module,
the second is a list of imports, and the third
is the code.  The list of imports is constructed
with the IMPORTS command, which takes a list of
module names.  Imported modules are passed as function
arguments to this module.

The module function is evaluated in the context
of the module object, referred to by THIS.  To export
functions and variables, simply add them to the THIS object.

Modules are included only once, and in the right order to
satify dependency requirements.  Circular dependencies are not