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Message Database
-The Message Database, mdb, is a versioned object datastore.
+The Message Database is a versioned datastore for structured content.
+The easiest way to install this project is to download `Message`_ and
+use its install scripts. To install Message DB manually, follow these
+.. _`Message`:
First, install some dependencies::
sudo easy_install setuptools pycurl== simplejson ply lxml pyyaml
@@ -44,24 +47,10 @@ to this project::
python build
sudo python develop
-Finally, install the Google AppEngine SDK and link it into your
-``mdb`` directory::
- cd ..
- curl -O
- unzip; rm
- cd mdb
- ln -s ../google_appengine/google
Verify everything worked by running a test query::
python examples/ '*'
-The AppEngine SDK uses some deprecated Python packages, so you may see
-DeprecationWarnings. To ignore the warnings, do this:
- python -W ignore::DeprecationWarning examples/ '*'

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