Additional commands to augment the python virtualenv package.
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Virtualenv Commands

Virtualenv is a very useful tool that can create isolated Python
environments.  This package provides an extended API and additional
commands for inspecting and manipulating virtual environments.

These utilities are provided:

      ve -- a wrapper command used to execute ve-* commands
      ve-init -- create and environment by invoking virtualenv
      ve-extend -- chain virtualenvs together
      ve-clone -- create a new virtualenv by copying an existing one

The ``ve`` command will execute any ``ve-*`` program found in the
current execution path as a subcommand (like git).  For example,
``ve-init foo`` and ``ve init foo`` run the same program.  This
paradigm is extensible and enforces consistent semantics.  Additional,
host-specific commands to be easily written by anyone.

Another project called virtualenvwrapper also provides additional
commands for interacting with virtual environments by creating shell
subroutines.  In contrast, this project is a python-centric command

More Information

  * Github:
  * Project Page:
  * Extending Virtualenv:

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